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USU Professor Wins Outstanding Educator Award

by Shelby Jarman

brian Warnick

Brian Warnick, professor and associate dean of Utah State University’s College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, recently received an award recognizing his outstanding teaching and commitment to agricultural education.

The Outstanding Agricultural Educator Award, presented by the Western Region of the American Association for Agricultural Education, is based on excellence in teaching undergraduates and graduate students, significant research in the field of agricultural education, scholarly writing pertaining to education, and service to agricultural education.

Warnick believes that well-prepared agricultural educators can make a positive impact on all students.

“Agricultural educators play an important role in helping young people develop the desire to seek careers in agriculture and to be successful in those careers,” Warnick said. “They also help provide information about agriculture to those who aren’t planning for a career in agriculture. Everyone is impacted by agriculture on a daily basis in very personal ways, through the food we eat and the clothes we wear.”

Warnick has been teaching for more than 23 years.

“I still get excited when I can see by the look on a student’s face the moment when they make the connection between a new concept or skill and their own prior experience,” Warnick said. 

Of all the great experiences being an educator brings, Warnick’s favorite part is when a former student comes to visit and shares their success. Warnick credits his love for education to the teachers he has had throughout his life, and he finds it very rewarding to know he is influencing his students in the same way.

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