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Dillon Feuz

Dillon Feuz

Professor and Department Head
Applied Economics: Faculty
Location:  AGRS 220B
Office Phone:  435.797.2296
3530 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-4835

Specialties: Production/financial marketing, price analysis

Dillon Feuz grew up on a cattle ranch in Wyoming. He received his B.S. in Agribusiness in 1984 and his M.S. in Agricultural Economics in 1986 from the University of Wyoming and he received his Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics in 1990 from Colorado State University. He spent six years at South Dakota State University teaching agricultural marketing and conducting research on livestock production and marketing issues. He then worked for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for ten years analyzing various cattle management and marketing strategies and evaluating consumer’s willingness-to-pay for flavor preferences for beef steaks. Dr. Feuz joined the faculty at Utah State University in June 2006.

Dillon’s primary research and extension focus continues to be on helping ranchers identify more profitable marketing and management alternatives for cattle and beef. His interests encompass everything from the ranch gate to the dinner plate. He is well known for his work on cull cow marketing, value based marketing of fed cattle, and on determining consumers’ willingness to pay for various flavor attributes for beef steak.

In his spare time you can find him feeding out a few steers of his own to fill the Feuz freezer with high quality corn-fed beef or growing a large sweet corn patch for personal consumption. You might also find him fly fishing on a pristine mountain stream, or playing basketball or soccer with family and friends.

Key Publications

Stockton, M.C. and D.M. Feuz. 2009. "The Mad Cow Disease Trade Ban and Changes in the U. S. and Canadian Cull Cow Markets: A DAG Analysis." Journal of Food Distribution Research, 40(2):72-90.

Feuz, D.M., W.J.Umberger and C.R. Calkins. 2007. "The Potential for Canadian Branded Beef Steaks in the U.S. Market: Results from an Experimental Auction.", Current Agriculture, Food & Resource Issues 8:16-27.

Feuz, D.M., W.J. Umberger, C.R. Calkins, and B. Stitz. 2004 "U.S. Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Flavor and Tenderness in Steaks as Determined with an Experimental Auction" Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 29(3):501-516. ARD J Series #14387.

Feuz, D.M. 1999. "Market Signals in Value Based Pricing Premiums and Discounts." Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. 24(2):327-341.

Fausti, S.W. and D.M. Feuz. 1995. "Production Uncertainty and Factor Price Disparity in the Slaughter Cattle Market: Theory and Evidence." American Journal of Agricultural Economics (77):533-540.

Feuz, D.M., S.W. Fausti and J.J. Wagner. 1995. "Risk, and Market Participant Behavior in the U.S. Slaughter Cattle Market." Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 20(1):22-31.



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