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Posted by: McCarty Hatfield on Feb 6, 2014

Aggie Ice Cream Teaches Elementary Students about STEM

Utah State University’s Famous Aggie Ice Cream visited the children of Woodruff Elementary School on Thursday, Jan. 31 during their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Night. The Creamery, however, did more than just provide sweet refreshments; they demonstrated the important role that STEM plays in the making of Famous Aggie Ice Cream.
During the event, presentations were made to groups of children and adults concerning food safety, pasteurization, homogenization, product formulation, sales tracking and freezing of Famous Aggie Ice Cream.
“We use the principles of food science, technology, engineering and math everyday in the production of cheese, milk, yogurt and, of course, ice cream,” said Aggie Creamery manager David Irish. “You can’t just make these dairy products without some high-level knowledge of STEM.”
Aggie Ice Cream also joined other local businesses that participated, including Metal Vision, a company that engineers an ice cream dispensing machine. Together, the two stations showed the process of feeding ice cream through the machine and onto a cone for consumption.  
“Children need to understand that the basics of STEM are needed to succeed in the business world,” Irish said. “We attempted to show them that these basic skills are used on a daily basis in an industry as simple as ice cream making.”


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