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USU Agricultural Communication Club Honored At Ag Media Summit

Ag SummitFrom left to right: Bronson Teichert, Terence Larson, Kenna McMurray, Aubree Thomas, Emma Lane and Kelsey Hall.

Members of Utah State University’s Agricultural Communication Club recently attended the 2017 Ag Media Summit and the club was recognized by the National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow as the Chapter of the Year in Educational Activities for the second year in a row.

“Our club members really do deserve the chapter of the year educational award and I’m glad they were recognized for their work,” said Kenna McMurray, club president. “We have an amazing team who dedicate so much time and effort into this club to make it worthy of a national award.”

The summit provided numerous opportunities for students to network with industry professionals and other students, but club members left with more than just new connections.

They also competed in the National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Critique and Contest. Work submitted by students was judged by industry professionals and compared with submissions from students across the nation. Categories included writing, publications, design and layout, electronic media and public relations.

McMurray placed fourth with her short video package in the electronics division. Club member Bronson Teichert, took first place in the news story category and third with his short video package in the electronics division. 

Teichert said he was initially more confident with his video submission, but knew his writing skills had improved over the last year.

“After I found out how many people had entered the contest, I thought I would be lucky even to place,” Teichert said. “So it was definitely a surprise when I took first place in the news story division.”

During the conference, students participated in workshops that helped develop their skills in writing, public relations, design and networking. They also learned about current issues in the agriculture industry.

“It was an amazing opportunity to have the conference at Snowbird on our home turf. I learned a lot from the sessions and met a lot of new people working in the industry,” McMurray said. “For me, the best aspect was mingling with so many people across the country who share a similar passion. It’s inspiring, interesting and just a lot of fun.”

In addition to Teichert and McMurray, members Emma Lane, Katlyn Ulhart, Terence Larson and Aubree Thomas, along with Assistant Professor Kelsey Hall, attended the conference. Students were able to participate in the conference free of charge by winning a scholarship from Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. Members won by creating a social media campaign, blog post and infographic for Yamaha that focused on ATV safety awareness in agricultural settings.

July 27th, 2017

Writer: Aubree Thomas,
Contact: Kelsey Hall,, (435) 797-3289