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Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences (Emphasis Areas)


Graduate Study Coordinator

For graduate degrees contact Lee Rickords


Graduate Study Coordinator

Graduate Study Coordinator

For graduate degrees contact Tara Black

Graduate Study Coordinator

Please visit this link to inquire about the Utah State University School of Veterinary Medicine Request VetMed Info

Who do I schedule an appointment with?

Academic Advisors

Each student is assigned an academic advisor based on your current major or major of interest. Meet with your advisor once a semester. Prepare for your appointment by reading the preparation guide.

Graduate Study Coordinators

Contact them when you are interested in a Master's or Doctorate degree.

Peer Advisors

They are students who have had experience with required courses, our professors, and they are familiar with graduation requirements.

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Reach us at 435-797-2282.

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Are you a first generation USU student? If so, schedule an appointment as an Aggie First Scholar. Schedule and Appointment.