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Linux Systems Administrator; Student Researcher

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Linux Server


Linux Systems Administrator; Student Researcher (20 hrs/week).
The Bioinformatics Core Facility at the Center for Integrated BioSystems (CIB) is currently looking for an Undergraduate or a Graduate student interested in working as a part-time Linux systems administrator. The major job responsibilities include a variety of systems administrative tasks on the CIB's high-performance
compute cluster, such as:

  • Hardware and software; systems installation, deployment, monitoring and maintenance
  • Parallel process debugging and optimization
  • Bigdata storage and archiving, managing Parallel Distributed file system, etc.

Expected skill sets are:

  • >=2 years of experience of Linux systems administration
  • >=1 year experience in compute hardware installs and maintenance
  • >=1 year of experience in programming, preferably a scripting language such as Python or Ruby.
    Interested students should contact immediately:

Contact Information

Rakesh Kaundal