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CTE Teaching Academy

The Career and Technical Education Teaching Academy (CTE Teaching Academy) increases qualified teachers' pipeline and improve current teacher knowledge and skills in fields specific to teaching in Career and Technical Education (CTE). The CTE Teaching Academy is an 18-credit certificate program at Utah State University that focuses primarily on improving participants' understanding of the pedagogy required to teach CTE content through competency-based education methods. This program can stand alone or be stacked into an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in General Technology, Bachelor of Science (BS) in Technology Systems with the content required to obtain a teaching license, or a Career and Technical Education Masters of Education (M. Ed.) degree at USU. Participants can register for the traditional credit-based courses and apply them to a degree. They can take the courses as part of a continuing education unit (CEU) workshop credit, removing the additional cost of a traditional degree program. The technology systems degrees have the flexibility to allow students to convert continuing education credit into traditional credit if they decide to pursue a degree at some future point.

Courses to achieve these goals will focus on the following five areas of study:

  • Methods of Teaching and Learning
  • Curriculum and Program Development
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Classroom and Laboratory Management
Old Main Building at Utah State University

Course Delivery and Fees

All the courses will be taught online with once weekly face-to-face meetings to facilitate discussion. Badges will be offered for each course.

Traditional Sections

  • TEE 4400 - Methods II Online Section
  • TEE 5220 - Program and Curriculum Development Online Section
  • TEE 5920 - Related Technical Training (Digital Technologies) Online Section

CTE Teaching Academy Course Offerings

Course Modules



USU Articulated Course


Semester(s) Offered

Methods of Teaching and Learning: Levels 1-3 3 4.5 TEE 3200  Fall
Methods of Teaching and Learning: Levels 4-6 3 4.5 TEE 4400 3 Summer
Program and Curriculum Development 3 4.5 TEE 5220 or ASTE 6090 3 Fall
Evaluation and Assessment 3 4.5 TEE 4210 or ASTE 6150 3 Spring
Digital Tools for Learning 3 4.5 TEE 5920 or ASTE 6470 3 Spring
Classroom and Laboratory Management 3 4.5 TEE 5910 or ASTE 6320 3 Summer

CTE Teaching Academy to CTE Degree

The CTE Teaching Academy offers 18 credits of professional development coursework. These courses may be applied to the following degrees: General Technology AAS, or Technology Systems BS. The 18 credits are divided into six courses that will be taught two each semester, including the summer term for one year (two in the summer, two in the fall, and two in the spring).

The 18 credits can be applied to the MS program as shown in the chart above and will count as MS courses. You can begin taking the CTE Teaching Academy courses as a non-degree seeking student. You will still need to apply to the School of Graduate Studies and be approved to enter the degree program.


  • Students register as non-degree seeking students.
    • You can submit a non-degree seeking application by going to Apply Now and creating an account. Once on the application page, make sure you scroll down to the non-degree seeking section and click the link there. There is no application fee and transcripts are not required. You should hear back from the admissions office in three to five business days. You will be asked where you intend to study - just select the most appropriate response for your physical location. Most likely Kaysville.
    • If you would like help filling out your application please schedule an appointment with Melissa Thomas
  • The program has open enrollment within the semesters of fall, spring, and summer. However, students seeking entry in the last five weeks of any semester are encouraged to begin in the following semester.
    • The first round of courses begins May 6, 2020, with six credits offered for the 14-week USU Summer schedule. There will be six credits offered in Fall 2020 as well as Spring 2021.
  • Students earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs), pass/fail credit for each of the five courses completed.

Contact Information

Kaysville Contact Information

Melissa Thomas
Academic Advisor
Phone: 801-499-5120
Location: 80 East 725 South Kaysville, UT 84037

To make an appointment with Melissa visit, USU-Kaysville Advising

Logan & State-Wide Contact Information

Lisa Hunsaker
Academic Advisor, Non-Aviation
Phone: 435-797-0851
Email: lisa.hunsaker@usu.edu

Brigham City Contact Information

Amanda Peterson
Academic Advisor, Success Coordinator
Phone: 435-919-1228
Email: mandi.peterson@usu.edu