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Bachelor of Science Programs

Technology Systems student and professor working in a computer lab.
Technology Systems: Information and Computer Technology (B.S.)

Students can gain knowledge in hardware, automation, and administration areas by using technology programs with in-depth & hands-on courses.

Technology Systems: Product Development (B.S.)

Students can gain knowledge in hard and soft-goods areas developing products, growing their own business, or working within industry.

Technology Systems student and professor working at the CNC router in the woods lab.

student and professor working at the CNC Mill in the machine lab.
Technology Systems: Robotics, Automation and Controls (B.S.)

Students can gain knowledge in Human Machine Interface (HMI), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), networking, and robotics which is used in numerous industries with hands-on learning.

Technology Systems: Technical Management (B.S.)

Students can gain knowledge in business, economics, management, financing, and ethics to help build their own business or move into management positions.

Technology Systems student working in the 3D printing lab.

Technology Systems student and professor testing the quality of a forged metal.
Technology Systems: Quality & Reliability (B.S.)

This degree is designed to provide education and training in the area of Quality and Reliability.  Students will study a variety of subjects including, Quality Management, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Metrology, Root cause analysis, Statistical Quality Control.  These courses have a strong root in the manufacturing industry but is also present in many other fields of study.  These courses provide a strong industry-focused background with guidance and input from industry partners who also have employees taking the courses for the content to enhance their skills.

Technology Systems: Cybersecurity (B.S.)

Cybersecurity professionals work on the front lines of our connected world. They require a deep understanding of computers and networks to investigate and mitigate attacks, monitor systems, and create protective solutions.

You'll learn cybersecurity fundamentals, how to guard against cyber-attacks and the principles of data and network security/ You will gain an understanding of operating systems and programming languages used in cybersecurity.

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