Business Consulting Services

The SPARC client experience matters to us. We want to make sure that each person who works with us has the tools and support to succeed.

SPARC business consultants are available to aid in a wide range of services. Our client experience is practical and includes education and training courses that complement the one-on-one business consultations Coaching with a SPARC Business Consultant is a thought-provoking, introspective, and creative process. Business Consultants help clients start and scale a business.

COVID-19 precautions are being implemented if you would like to meet in person or schedule a virtual meeting through Zoom on a mobile phone or computer.

Emerging startups encounter many difficulties within the first year of business.

SPARC can help with market research and competitive analysis, structuring your business plan, calculating your startup costs. Assisting with finding funding for your business or even buying an existing business or franchise.

SPARC Business Consultant means to support our emerging startups by connecting you with experts who can help you select your business location. Starting a business involves choosing a business structure, business name, registering your business, getting federal and state tax ID numbers, applying for licenses and permits, opening a business bank account, and getting business insurance. But you don't have to do it alone.

Our client experience is practical. We have created Entrepreneur Fundamentals based on community feedback and with industry professionals. Our clients will receive a breakdown of business concepts and how-to instructions for a business's technical aspects. These courses complement the one-on-one Business Trainers to help clients start a business.

Entreprenuer Fundamentals

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San Juan's local artisans will receive the information and expertise to address the urgent need to become established businesses.

Artisans also acquire the skills necessary to develop an online presence and global sales. We are striving to help our local artisans in recovering from the pandemic.

SPARC has curated experts and resources in legal and tax compliance, marketing and sales, and e-commerce, securing local funding to get artisans online.

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Research shows that small businesses are the significant drivers of job growth. Business Retention is our proactive approach to strengthening existing small businesses to create a thriving local economy.

The new SPARC community job board offers a no-cost solution to help find and hire employees. Practical training is available to upskill your current workforce to meet day-to-day business shortages and find COVID-19 funding resources to keep business open.

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Business Expansion is approached through actively contacting, connecting, and listening to local business needs.

Support local businesses through access to education, training, Custom Fit funding, and developing a network of expertise to help them grow and bring jobs to the San Juan area.

SPARC can assist owners interested in becoming federal contractors. Expanding to new locating, merging, or acquiring a business, the exportation of products, and walking business owners qualify for Certification of minority and underserved communities.

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