Small Business, Professional Development, Application, Resources, Certification (SPARC)


SPARC's purpose is to expand San Juan County's economic base by increasing the resilience of struggling small businesses and emerging businesses, job creation, and developing skills to have an employed workforce.

The coronavirus pandemic has launched a new era of online commerce, education opportunities, and remote work. We work with individuals, startups, and small business owners by leveraging existing resources, advocating for local businesses, and developing need training and certification programs.



Have You Heard of Custom Fit and STIT?

For over 30 years, Custom Fit has helped Utah-owned businesses and individuals afford essential trainings. These trainings span from continuing education credits to OSHA, MSHA, and other industry-specific certifications.

USU Blanding Offers Google Career Certificates

USU Blanding’s technical education program is excited to offer Google Career Certificates that prepare people for entry-level positions in data analytics, project management, user experience design, and introductory and advanced IT support.