Cultivate - Past Issue Articles

Summer 2019

The Reindeer Express

Farming Mars

Bugbee is a professor of plant physiology and Seefeldt a professor of biochemistry at Utah State University and both are involved in NASA-funded research aimed at long-term space exploration on Mars.

Horse Show

Semi-Final Horse Show A Success

USU’s Western Equestrian Team has been a top competitor in the region for more than a decade. Until now, there hasn’t been a team in the region with the facilities or access to enough show-quality horses to host this caliber of event.

heart of campus

Making Rain Work at the Heart of Campus

The U.S. Environmental Protection (EPA) announced that a group of students from Utah State University have won third place in the annual Campus RainWorks Challenge. The group competed against 39 other teams from across the nation.

Mastering Human and Anmial Health

Hemp Research Underway at Utah State University

Scientists at Utah State University are studying various growing practices to optimize the yield and quality of hemp for botanical medicines.

kaylee roholt

What is Your Why

USU’s Advisor of the Year, Kaylee Roholt, tells of helping students navigate college and how she discovered her own why.


Ride Utah: Veterans Taking the Reins

Utah State University Extension’s Ride Utah! program for military veterans is proving to be successful just 4 years since its creation. Veterans and their families learn how to work with horses and often benefit from the therapeutic effects of being in the saddle

rocket science

It Takes More Than Rocket Science

When Ray Wheeler arrived in Utah to do graduate work in plant ecology, he had a fascination with plants, a love of science and discovery, and no aspirations to be part of the U.S. space program. But that changed when he was introduced the NASA space research community at USU.


Hauling Your Food & Building Your Roads

According to the American Trucking Associations, companies currently need about 60,000 drivers, a number that could top 100,000 in just a few years.

Fall 2018

The Reindeer Express

2018-2019 CAAS Award Recipients

A highlight of College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences Week is the annual Awards and Honors Banquet. 

Bruce Bugbe holding plants

Recognition for Soil and Plant Scientists

Professors Bruce Bugbee and Scott Jones have been named fellows of their respective professional societies, among each organizations’ top honors.


Food Science Students Create Recipes for Success

Perfecting the chemistry in food is what takes the cake in competitions hosted by professional organizations like the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

Mastering Human and Anmial Health

Mastering Human and Animal Health

According to Ron Munger, a professor in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences, public health degree programs broke out from medical schools about 100 years ago.

organic tomatoes

Organic Farm Grows Crops and Leaders

As an organic and sustainable farming associate professor and researcher, Reeve sees students with a variety of farming experiences learn and become leaders by working on the student organic farm.


Remembering the "Frank Smile"

In late September, the plaza adjacent to the Albrecht Agricultural Sciences Building gained a new tree that stands as a memorial to Frank M. DeLeon Compres.

Life on a Limb

BUILDing Dairy Scientists

Training the next generation of dairy scientists and technologists is an ongoing priority for the Western Dairy Center (WDC).

Fall 2017

The Reindeer Express

The Reindeer Express

Isaac Bott, a veterinarian in Springville, Utah, and a Utah State University alumnus, is a leading authority on reindeer health.

Frøya Honors a Native Son

Frøya Honors a Native Son

A statue of John A. Widtsoe now stands in Froya, Norway, in hope of inspiring others to pursue careers in science.


Dietetics Students Visit Greece

USU dietetics students traveled to the island of Crete to learn about local foodways and healthy lifestyles.

Doc McKinnon

Human Health in the Lab and on the Farm

Recognized for his work as an outstanding large animal veterinarian, he has been coined with the name Doc.

Educator Award

USU Professor Wins Outstanding Educator Award

Brian Warnick, professor and CAAS associate dean, recieved an award recognizing his outstanding teaching and commitment to agricultural education

Ability Center

USU Students Create Award-winning Plan for Ranch and Ability Center

USU students created a plan to convert the Hinckley Ranch into an ability and equine therapy center.

Life on a Limb

Life Out on a Limb

Known for being president of The American Society for Horticultural Science and columnist for "The American Fruit Grower" for 25 years, Larsen was sought out by people in Japan, Italy and China for his expertise.

Silvana Martini

The Last Word with Silvana Martini

As a food scientist, I find chocolate to be a fascinating material. Chocolate products that we consume today are very different from those that the Olmecs, Mayans, and Aztecs prepared thousands of years ago.

Spring 2017

Vineyards in Dameron Valley

Vineyards in Dammeron Valley?

Mark and Mary Bold have family and emotional ties to the area and are investing their money, labor and energy in the belief that the special qualities of southern Utah can become part of a new grape-growing region.

On Collaboration and Creativity

On Collaboration and Creativity

Founded 15 years ago, the LAEP Alumni Board sought to define its mission.

Almnus Helps Students

Almnus Helps Students Succeed at Real Estate Competition

Kurt Altvater, now a senior vice president of CBRE Capital Markets decided the competition would be the perfect opportunity for current students at USU.

Utah Agriculture

Utah Agriculture Products BBQ

Come enjoy Utah beef, lamb, pork, turkey, dairy, products, onion rings, corn, and salad prior to USU vs. CSU.

Day in the life of Caas

Day in the Life of CAAS

Days begin early and finish late in our College. If you account for students who are studying abroad and faculty who collaborate with researchers around the world, the sun never really sets on CAAS.

Doc McKinnon

Doc McKinnon Still on the Job

Recognized for his work as an outstanding large animal veterinarian, he has been coined with the name Doc.


Winner of National Welder Competition is CAAS Student at USU Eastern

After four days of nonstop welding, Chandler Vincent was named the USA WorldSkills welding champion, a feat never achieved by anyone from USU Eastern.

Governor's Medals

Governor's Medals for Science and Technology

Debra Spielmaker, John Morrey, and Terry Messmer are among the 2017 recipients of the Governor’s Medal.