Certificate in Chocolate Science

What is the Certificate in Chocolate Science?

The Certificate in Chocolate Science will provide training to people who are interested in chocolate production, especially those interested in the bean-to-bar process. This degree will be taught online so that students with full time jobs can take the certificate. This degree is targeted to students with or without training in food science. The certificate only requires a high school diploma.

What will I learn?

Students will learn all aspects of chocolate production. Students will have to take a total of 16 credits in a one year period. Courses in the certificate include:

  • Cocoa Processing: processing from cocoa plantations, bean harvesting, to cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder
  • Sanitation and Safety: safe food handling procedures
  • Chocolate Processing: processing from cocoa liquor to final products and applications
  • Product Development with Chocolate: formulation of sugar free and dairy free chocolates, for example
  • History of Chocolate and Cocoa: cocoa and chocolate evaluation through the last 5,000 years

The certificate will include an optional hands-on experience at the Aggie Chocolate Factory (one week) that students will be able to take for extra credit.

Why complete this certificate?

This certificate will allow students to understand the processes that occur during chocolate manufacturing and help them troubleshoot their daily activities. It may help students obtain jobs related to chocolate. It does not require a high time commitment and is designed for students who have full time jobs.

How long will it take?

One year - 16 credits total.

Is it online or in person?

Online. Asynchronous.

When does it start?

Fall 2024.

First Year Fall Credit Hours
NDFS 1061: Cocoa Processing 4
NDFS 1250: Sanitation and Safety 3
First Year Spring Credit Hours
NDFS 1062: Chocolate Processing 4
NDFS 1063: Product Development with Chocolate 3
First Year Summer Credit Hours
NDFS 1060: The History of Chocolate and Cocoa 2




Dr. Silvana Martini

Professor | Food Science | Director of Aggie Chocolate Factory

Office Location: NFS 327
Phone: 435-797-8136
Email: silvana.martini@usu.edu

Dawnetta Mahnken

Academic Advisor

Dawnetta Mahnken

Office Location: AGRS 417
Phone: 435-797-3096
Email: dawnetta.mahnken@usu.edu

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