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Name Specialty Email College
Marilyn Albertson Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H EXT
Karin Allen Food Quality & Entrepreneurship Specialist CAAS
Niel Allen Irrigation Specialist COE
Lee Allen Irrigation ENG
Diane Alston Entomology Specialist COS
David Anderson Landscape Architecture CAAS
Martha Archuleta Dietetics EXT
Kandice Atisme Health and Wellness EXT
Richard Beard Agricultural Engineering Specialist CAAS
Taun Beddes Horticulture Agent EXT
Katelyn Bell 4-H/Youth EXT
Brent Black Fruit Specialist CAAS
Roslynn G.H. Brain Sustainable Communities Specialist QCNR
Hope Braithwaite Watershed Quality EXT
Naomi Brower Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H Youth EXT
JoLene Bunnell 4-H Youth Programs Development Agent EXT
Steven W. Burr Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Specialist QCNR
Beth Burritt Rangeland Resource Specialist QCNR
Grant E. Cardon Soils Specialist CAAS
Michael Caron Horticulture EXT
Ruger Carter Ag Horticulture/4-H EXT
C. Kim Chapman Extension Professor EXT
Amanda Christensen Family and Consumer Sciences Agent EXT
Darlene Christensen Family and Consumer Sciences Agent EXT
Troy Cooper Agriculture/4-H EXT
Earl Creech Agronomy Specialist CAAS
Shannon Cromwell Family and Consumer Sciences EXT
Kynda Curtis Agriculture Business Specialist CAAS
David Dahlgren Wildlife and Rangeland Specialist QCNR
Josh Dallin Agriculture/4-H EXT
Craig Dart 4-H/Youth EXT
Elizabeth Davis Family & Consumer Sciences/4-H EXT
Megan Dettenmaier Wildland Resources QCNR
Daniel Drost Vegetable Specialist CAAS
Carrie Durward Extension Nutrition Specialist CAAS
Dillon Feuz Commodity Marketing Specialist CAAS
David D. Frame Poultry Specialist CAAS
Dave Francis Youth Programs Director EXT
Nicki Frey Wildlife Resources Specialist QCNR
Jody A. Gale Natural Resources Agent EXT
Matthew Garcia Beef Specialist CAAS
Zuri Garcia 4-H Agent EXT
Jerry L Goodspeed Horticulture Agent /Education and Landscape Director for Ogden Botanical Gardens & Utah Botanical Center EXT
Dallin Graham STEM Programs EXT
Linden Greenhalgh Agriculuture and 4-H Youth Programs Agent EXT
JayDee Gunnell Horticulture Agent EXT
Jacob Hadfield Agriculture & Natural Resources EXT
Jessica Hadfield 4-H/Youth EXT
Kelsey Hall Agricultural Communication CAAS
Sheriden Hansen Horticulture EXT
Susan Haws Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H Youth Programs Agent EXT
Kevin Heaton 4-H Youth Programs Agent EXT
Rick Heflebower Horticulture Agent EXT
Ann Henderson Family and Consumer Sciences Agent EXT
Brian Higginbotham Associate Vice President, Family Relations Specialist EXT/CEHS
Paul Hill Economic Development EXT
Mark D. Holmes SBDC/Business CAAS
Karl Hoopes Equine Extension Specialist CAAS
Teresa Hunsaker Family and Consumer Sciences Agent EXT
Paul Jakus Environmental Economics CAAS
Christine Jensen Family and Consumer Sciences / 4-H Youth Programs Agent EXT
Justin Jenson Dairy Youth Specialist CAAS
Christine Jessen Family and Consumer Sciences EXT
Melanie Jewkes Family and Consumer Sciences EXT
LaCee Jimenez Family and Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Agent EXT
Michael Johnson Agriculture, Family & Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Programs Agent EXT
Timothy Keady Health and Wellness EXT
Jim Keyes Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent EXT
Tasha Killian Family & Consumer Sciences/Health & Wellness/4-H EXT
Boyd Kitchen Agriculture, 4-H EXT
Kelly Kopp Water Conservation & Turfgrass Specialist CAAS
Michael Kuhns Forestry Specialist QCNR
Mark Larese-Casanova Utah Master Naturalist Program Specialist QCNR
Ryan Larsen Agribusiness, Farm Management, Risk Analysis EXT
Danielle Larson Ecology EXT
Heidi LeBlanc Food $ense Director CAAS
Stacey MacArthur 4-H Volunteer Development Specialist EXT
Patricia Mathis Family and Consumer Sciences EXT
Darren McAvoy Wildland Resources QCNR
Cris Meier Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology EXT
Margie Memmott Family and Consumer Sciences / 4-H Youth Agent EXT
Cathy Merrill Family and Consumer Sciences EXT
Nancy Mesner Water Quality Specialist QCNR
Terry A. Messmer Wildlife Specialist QCNR
Rhonda Miller Agricultural Environmental Quality Specialist CAAS
Dean Miner Agriculture and Finance Agent EXT
Jayne Mulford Utah House Coordinator EXT
Helen Muntz Horticulture EXT
Marion Murray Integrated Pest Management Program Associate COS
Cindy Nelson Family & Consumer Sciences /4-H EXT
Mark Nelson Agriculture/4-H EXT
Claudia Nischwitz Plant Pathology Specialist TBD
Brian Nummer Food Safety Specialist CAAS
Mike Pace Agriculture Agent / 4-H Youth EXT
Matt Palmer Agriculture and 4-H Youth Programs Agent EXT
Vernon Parent Agriculture and 4-H Youth Programs Agent EXT
Emma Parkhurst Health and Wellness EXT
Christina Pay Family & Consumer Sciences EXT
Jake Powell Land Planning and Conservation CAAS
Suzanne Prevedel Family & Consumer Science 4-H Agent EXT
Steven Price Agriculture/Natural Resources/4-H EXT
Ricardo Ramirez Entomology Specialist COS
Corey Ransom Weed Specialist CAAS
Stephen Reed Director of Operations CAAS
Chad Reid Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent EXT
Kathleen Riggs Family and Consumer Sciences Agent EXT
Adrie Roberts Family & Consumer Sciences Agent EXT
Kelsey Romney 4-H/Youth EXT
Kerry Rood Veterinary Sciences Specialist CAAS
Teryl Roper Horticulture Specialist CAAS
Larry Rupp Ornamental Horticulture Specialist CAAS
Mateja Savoie Nutrition and Food Sciences CAAS
Candace Schaible Horticulture/Water Conservation, Horticulture/Water Conservation EXT
Andrea Schmutz Extension Assistant Professor EXT
David Schramm Family Relations CEHS
Paula Scott Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP), State Director EXT
Benjamin Scow Agriculture/Natural Resources/4-H EXT
Justen Smith Agriculture /4-H Youth Programs Agent EXT
Dallen Smith Agriculture and Range Management EXT
Jordan Smith Outdoor Recreation and Tourism QCNR
Denise Stewardson Ag In The Classroom EXT
Melanie Stock Urban & Small Farms CAAS
Allan Sulser Agriculture and 4-H Youth Programs Agent EXT
Sandra Sulzer Health and Wellness CEHS
Jonathan Swinton Family & Consumer Sciences EXT
Alicia Teuscher 4-H/Youth EXT
Eric Thacker Range Management Specialist QCNR
Katherine Veeder Environmental Education EXT
Maren Voss Health and Wellness EXT
Katie Marie Wagner Extension Assistant Professor/ Horticulture EXT
Ruby Ward Economy Specialist EXT
Callahan Ward Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H EXT
Michael Wierda Pesticide Safety Education Program EXT
Trenton Wilde Agriculture /4-H Youth Programs Agent EXT
Celina Wille Extension Specialist Latino Programs EXT
Scott Williams 4-H Youth Programs Agent EXT
David Wilson Dairy Extension Veterinarian Epidemiologist CAAS
Paige Wray Family and Consumer Sciences/4-H EXT
Reagan Wytsalucy Ag Natural Resources/4-H EXT
Ashley Yaugher Health and Wellness EXT
Jason Yerka SBDC/ Business CAAS
Matt Yost Agroclimate Extension Specialist CAAS
Allen Young Dairy Extension Specialist CAAS
Mike Young SBDC/ Business CAAS
Cody Zesiger Agriculture and Natural Resources EXT
Rowe Zwahlen Agriculture/Natural Resources/4-H EXT