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Farming and Ranching


Care for the Land and Animals

You know what hard work really is, and you know how much it takes to keep a farm or ranch running as it should. There are many facets of running a thriving ag business, and as one of the oldest ag schools in the nation, we have the right methods to bring you up to speed on modern practices and cutting edge technology. We can also help you develop the communication skills to tell agriculture’s important stories to people in the industry and people who have never set foot on a farm. You can become a master of the business, an ag journalist, a plant or animal expert, or be the one who keeps equipment and staff operating at top efficiency.

Farming and Ranching Degrees



Learn how to help rural communities and agricultural operations thrive economically.

Agricultural Systems and Technology

Agricultural Systems and Technology

Discover the technologies embraced by professionals in the agricultural industry through instruction in the field and gain hands-on experience.

Plant Science

Animal and Dairy Science

Gain experience working directly with livestock and learn how to run a successful animal production business.

Agricultural Communications and Journalism

Agricultural Communications and Journalism

With a background in both agriculture and communication, you will be prepared to cover the agricultural industry and communicate its importance.

Equine Science and Management

Equine Science and Management

Transform your passion for horses into a successful equine industry career.

Plant Science

Plant Science

Learn to manage and produce the plants that are critical to the success of the agricultural industry.

International Agribusiness

International Agribusiness

By studying agriculture and business operations from a global perspective, you can make a difference in one of the world’s largest employment sectors.

Agricultural Economics (MS)

Agricultural Economics (MS)

This degree program helps you build the quantitative skills needed to understand economic theory and prepare for a career in the broad field of agriculture.

Animal Managemente

Animal Management (MS, PhD)

For students seeking careers in production animal agriculture, this specialization prepares students for the challenges facing the animal industry and commodity groups in the 21st century.

Plant Science

Plant Science (MS, PhD)

Work closely with faculty to study the biology, genetics, and management of plants and other issues related to agricultural and horticultural production.

Soil Science

Soil Science (MS, PhD)

Do research in the important fields of maintaining high-quality soil. USU is especially recognized for its work in water-related issues and digital soil mapping.

Agricultural Machinery Technology

Agricultural Machinery Technology (AAS, Certificate)

This program prepares students with the skills to operate and repair the latest agricultural machinery.

Plant Science

Agricultural Science (Associate Degree)

Learn to design and apply technologies to guide the ethical use of land, food, water, and economic resources thereby improving the health and well-being of humans, plants, animals and the environment.

Applied Economics/Small Firm Management

Applied Economics/Small Firm Management (Minor)

This minor is designed for students interested in owning, managing, or working in a small business.

Small Business Operations

Small Business Operations (USU Eastern) (Minor)

This program, offered at the USU Eastern Price and Blanding campuses, helps students learn many of the skills required to operate a small business. Students cover important material in math, finance, accounting, management, marketing, software, organization, and microeconomics.