Brett Hurst

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Antiviral Research

Brett Hurst

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Phone: 435-797-1631
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Educational Background

PhD, Animal Health & Disease, (Virology), Utah State University, 2018
A Mouse Model of Enterovirus D68 Demonstrating Acute Flaccid Paralysis and Response to Antiviral Therapies
MS, Bioveterinary Science, (Virology), Utah State University, 2012
In Vitro and In Vivo Comparison of the Pathogenicity of Four Influenza A Virus Strains
BS, Microbiology, (Chemistry), Weber State University, 2006


Dr. Hurst has worked for the Institute for Antiviral Research since 2006. He completed his M.S. working with influenza virus and his Ph.D. with Enteroviruses.

Teaching Interests

Virology<br>Biotechnology<br>Antiviral Therapies

Research Interests

Evaluation of antiviral therapies in cell culture an animal models of disease. I have a particular focus on influenza viruses, picornaviruses, and of course coronaviruses. Our focus at the Institute for Antiviral Research is to recognize emerging viral infectious diseases and establish cell culture and animal models to evaluate therapies and vaccines.


1st Place Ph.D. Oral Presentation, 2018

Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Science Student Research Symposium

Poster Award, 2018

International Society for Antiviral Research


ADVS, PHIL 3200, 4530 - Ethics and Biotechnology, Spring 2022
ADVS, VM 7535 - Veterinary Virology, Fall 2021
ADVS, PHIL 3200, 4530 - Ethical Issues in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Spring 2021
ADVS, PHIL 3200, 4530 - Ethics and Biotechnology, Spring 2020