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Welcome to the VIVID Lab

The Visualization, Instrumentation and Virtual Interaction Design (VIVID) Lab is co-directed by Brent Chamberlain and Ben George. The lab serves as a research space for several contributing faculty and hosts numerous researchers from sophomores to Ph.D. students. We are a multi-disciplinary lab, hosting several students from our department, as well as programs like computer science, psychology, and natural resources. Together we carry out empirical research, advance disciplinary theories and produce innovative design projects. We utilize (and create) state of the art hardware and software, coupling this with experimental design methods. We have a number of ongoing projects, in topics on Artificial Intelligence, Spatial Planning, Urban Air Mobility, Environmental Perception, Thematic Design, Environmental Planning, Virtual Reality, Environmental Justice and more! The lab has contributed on grants of more than $5,000,000 and running! So, we regularly have position openings that are funded, and are welcome to have volunteer or student-led projects. Please peruse through this website and send any of us questions or ideas!

VIVID Lab Faculty

Benjamin H. George

Benjamin H. George

Associate Professor | ASLA, Virtual Reality, Online Design Education

(435) 797-0561
FAV 238