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Do you want to shape the look of the future? Think back to a time where you spent a day in a public outdoor space. Did you notice the way the benches were placed? Or how the plants were arranged? Or if there were any art structures or buildings? This is landscape architecture. In landscape architecture, you can use problem solving, artistic expression, your knowledge of natural systems, and/or the study of human behavior to create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. A landscape architect shapes outdoor space to make it the most enjoyable but also makes it the most accommodating to all who use that space.

Why study at Utah State? USU’s landscape architecture program started in 1939 and is the 13th oldest landscape architecture program in the United States organized by the American Society of Landscape Architects. What can you expect from our program? You will have your own assigned workspace with a standing desk and computer monitor in your class studio. You will have access to the Maker Space used with large format and 3D printers. Other technology such as rendering stations, VR equipment, and drones will be used throughout the program. We promote real-life learning experiences. You will have the opportunity to see landscape architecture with your own eyes and how it all differs with culture, geography, and vegetation. You can change the look of the future.

Welcome to the Aggie family. We’re happy to have you.

Josh Bayan

Josh Bayan

LAEP Student

“The LAEP department is a small, tight-knit community that makes it easier to progress through the Landscape Architecture Major. Everyone is willing to help each other whether it is academic related or not. While all knowledge is mainly taught through professors, some information and skills are transferred from juniors and seniors to freshman and sophomores through the high amount of collaboration occurring in the department.”

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