Big Screen Requests

CAAS Marketing Locations

  • Agricultural Sciences Building - Luke Cafe
  • Agricultural Sciences Building - 2nd Floor
  • Agricultural Sciences Building - 3rd Floor
  • Agricultural Sciences Building - 4th Floor
  • Applied Sciences, Technology, and Education Building
  • Family Life Building - 3rd Floor Lobby 
  • Fine Arts-Visual Building - Ramp to 2nd Floor 
  • Hillyard Animal, Teaching and Research Center - Lobby
  • Industrial Science Building - North Lobby
  • Nutrition and Food Sciences Building - Aggie Ice Cream 
  • Nutrition and Food Sciences Building - Lobby 
  • Technology Building - Hallway to Maintenance Labs
  • Veterinary Sciences Building - North Lobby

Templates & Design Tips

Templates for Clubs, Departments, or Offices

If your submission is from a club, department or office within the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, you are strongly encouraged to use one of these templates. All CAAS submissions should include the CAAS wordmark.

Templates for USU Extension

If your submission is affiliated with USU Extension, you are strongly encouraged to use one of these templates. All Extension submissions should include the Extension wordmark

Audience Tips

Are they a captive or moving audience?

Contrast Tips

  • Make sure there is high contrast between the message and the background.
  • Avoid busy backgrounds.

Color Tips

  • Use standard color.
  • Avoid red.

Safe Zone Tips

  • Do not include text or primary visual elements within 50 pixels of the border.


Submissions which fail to meet these requirements will be automatically rejected

  • Dimensions must be 1920px x 1080px, with a resolution of 96, landscape orientation. *Content that is not this size will not be posted.*
  • .JPG or .PNG files are accepted. Word or PDF documents are not accepted.
  • Must be related to Utah State University and/or the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences.
  • Videos will not be played with audio.
  • Private endeavors, fund-raising, or other causes not affiliated with the university will not be approved.
  • The image must be visually appealing.  For help with design tips, expand the box below.
  • Unclear, fuzzy or skewed images will not be posted.
  • All submissions are reviewed and either approved or disapproved by CAAS Big Screen Committee. 

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