SEL Curriculum & Evaluations

Course materials (e.g. syllabus, handouts, schedule, etc.) can be found on Canvas.
Curriculum and evaluations are still being updated. The syllabi provided here are an example of what to expect during the supervised experiential learning rotations. Curriculum and evaluations will be finalized prior to orientation. Contact MDA faculty with questions. 

Clinical Curriculum

NDFS 6250 Clinical Nutrition Experience Syllabus

During this SEL rotation, students will work side-by-side with a preceptor the hospital and clinic. Activities include writing patient notes (charting), conducting patient interviews and assessments, educating patients and counseling clients, and completing a case study presentation. 

Community Curriculum

NDFS 6050 Community Nutrition Experience Syllabus

During the Community Nutrition SEL rotation, students will work at a variety of public health organizations including WIC. Students will work with many different professionals to counsel and educate clients, create education materials, and participate in public health outreach. 

FSSM Curriculum

NDFS 6350 Food Service Systems Management Experience Syllabus

The FSSM supervised experiential learning rotation will allow students to participate in the daily routine of running the National School Lunch Program. Activities include menu planning, standardizing of recipes, audits, inventory management, and quality improvement projects.