By Bronson Teichert | April 3, 2023

2023 CAAS Awards

By Bronson Teichert | April 3, 2023

CAAS Awards Recipients

Utah State University's College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences (CAAS) recently held its annual awards ceremony to recognize outstanding students, staff, and alumni who have made significant contributions to the university. This year's award winners were announced, and the accomplishments of these individuals are truly remarkable.

The 2023 CAAS award winners are:

  • Katie Hewitt Webb - Undergraduate Researcher of the Year, for her outstanding research work that involved using technology to develop sustainable farming practices.

  • Kristen Kop - Legacy of Utah State Award, for her role in promoting USU’s Aviation program, service, and passion for her field in the face of adversity.

  • Sofia Wombacher - Scholar of the Year, for her outstanding academic performance and research work.

  • Dakota Boren - Master's Student Researcher of the Year, for his exceptional research that contributes to advancing agricultural practices.

  • Kjersti Decker - Graduate Student Teacher of the Year, for her excellent teaching and mentorship to other students.

  • Naveen Duhan - Doctoral Researcher of the Year, for his research on innovative methods of improving crop yields in arid regions.

In addition to the student awards, the university also recognizes staff members who have made significant impacts and supports USU students:

  • Heidi Swenson - Service to Students Award, for her work in providing support and guidance to students.

Finally, the awards also recognized the contributions of individuals who have shown great support for the university and its students. The award winners are:

  • David Secrist - Alumni Hall of Honor Award, for his contributions to agriculture, the university, students, and his dedication to promoting higher education.

  • John Ferry - Distinguished Service Award, for his dedication to agriculture, sustainability, the university's programs and students.

The 2023 CAAS Awards recognize a diverse group of individuals who have made significant contributions to the university and its programs. These individuals serve as an inspiration to students, faculty, and alumni, and their work serves as a testament to the impact that one person can have on a community.


Bronson Teichert