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A Brand New Look and the Same Great Ice Cream

Lynnette Harris


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by Lynnette Harris

photo by McKay Jensen

The Aggie Creamery in the C. Anthon Ernstrom Nutrition and Food Science Building has a brand new look, though the most important aspect of the place–21 flavors of Famous Aggie Ice Cream–remains the creamy, delicious treat it has been for decades.

The store closed for a few weeks beginning in mid-February, not the prime time for ice cream consumption in Northern Utah, although there is no wrong time to eat Aggie Ice Cream. The space got new countertops, cabinets, flooring, lighting and other décor, but the biggest difference is the way customers move through the store to get their ice cream and the flavored sodas that are new additions to the menu. Moving customers more efficiently will help reduce the waits that can leave people lined up out the doors at peak times.

The menu and photos from Aggie Ice Cream’s history are part of the new décor, and a new display is coming this summer explaining how the creamery starts its creations with milk from USU’s Caine Dairy and will showcase the process from cow to cone.

ice cream flows
child ice cream
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