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Students Recognized for Academic Achievement

Shelby Ruud


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A Pin Recievers

Students from Utah State University’s College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences (CAAS) were recently honored with the “A” pin, one of USU’s oldest and most prestigious awards for scholarship and academics.

Hannah Aardema, Tawney Barfuss, Marisa Christensen, Nicole Godfrey, Summer Hansen, Benjamin Hunsaker, Brooke Larsen, Emily Lund, Kenna McMurray, Nathan Moore, Kaylie Moyes, Kristalee Murray, Nichole Peterson, Brittany Shumway, Emily Skinner, Keshele Stevens, Jacqueline Strader, Emily Tew, Aubree Thomas, Kyleigh Tyler, Casey Vanderlinden, and Mckenzie Zollinger were invited to a breakfast to celebrate their accomplishment. They were joined by Ken White, dean of CAAS; Brian Warnick, associate dean of CAAS; and their individual department heads and advisors.

Dean White presented each student with the gold “A” pin and a signed certificate.

The “A” pin was initiated in 1910 to acknowledge undergraduate students who achieve straight 4.0 grades for two consecutive semesters while carrying a minimum of 15 graded credit hours. The pin itself features the primary icon of Utah State University the Old Main Tower and reads "USU Scholarship," denoting the highest in scholarly achievement.

Writer: Shelby Ruud,