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Meet Launa Julander, New CAAS Advisor

Aubree Thomas


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Launa Julander is the new academic advisor in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences for students in Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences and interdisciplinary studies. Julander will also be the CAAS liaison with athletics to ensure student athletes are in compliance with NCAA regulations. Before coming to CAAS, Julander worked with associate degree-seeking students in University Advising.


Tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up in the Salt Lake, Riverton area and I moved up to Bear River when I got married. It’s this little town with no stoplights, no sidewalks and no streetlamps. It was a really big adjustment for me, but now I hate Salt Lake. It’s just way too crowded. I have been married for almost 14 years, and I have four kids – three boys and my little girl, who is a diva!


What did you study as a student at USU?

I started out in family life studies in the College of Education, but because I was working full time and I had my kiddos while I was trying to finish school, I couldn’t do the final practicum. So I finished in interdisciplinary studies. You kind of have three areas in interdisciplinary studies, so I did family life, sociology and public health. I graduated and stayed at USU because it is just such a great place to be.


What are some of your hobbies?

I love to binge-watch Netflix. Right now we are watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. My husband and I always watch it. I used to read a ton, but now I don’t really have the time.


What made you want to come to the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences?

What got me to come over here was the flexibility for my family. It’s super important that I can still do the mom thing while working. Another thing I really wanted to do was be more involved with the students. Before I was working with associate degrees and that’s more administrative because there’s just not much advising involved. I did get to meet with high school students who got to come up here and I just loved those interactions. Being here, and being in a department where I really get to work closely with students is something I am really excited about. Hopefully I will help them with their education and make a positive impact on the choices they are making here at USU.