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new degrees

Several new majors and minors are now available to students in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences. The new degrees – ranging from associates to graduate degrees – offer a variety of new opportunities to students and will prepare them to be more marketable in their chosen fields. In addition, some programs have been renamed to more accurately describe the careers students are preparing to pursue.

Brian Warnick, associate dean for academic programs and student services in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences said the changes will be helpful to many potential students in meeting their career goals.

“We are excited to be able to modify current programs and offer new ones that help meet current industry demands as well as student needs,” Warnick said.

AAS Business Administration to an AAS Small Business Operations

The associates of applied science degree in business administration has been renamed small business operations. The name change was made to more accurately reflect the academic and career opportunities available to students pursuing this degree. The change also makes it simpler for students who have an interest in business to transfer into the Huntsman School of Business to continue their education. Students majoring in small business operations will also have the opportunity to complete a certificate of proficiency in small business entrepreneurship.

B.S. Agricultural Economics to B.S. Applied Economics

 The agricultural economics degree has been renamed applied economics. The change was made to be more indicative of all the opportunities that are available to students who graduate with this degree that are not strictly related to agriculture.

Minor in Applied Economics/Small Firm Management

A minor in applied economics/small firm management is now being offered to students. The minor is a great option for students who don’t qualify to take coursework or minor within the Huntsman School of Business. This minor requires a minimum of 15 credits and focuses on concepts important to students who have an interest in owning, managing or working in a small business.

Minor in Residential Landscape Design

A new minor in residential landscape design is now being offered to students. This minor provide knowledge and skills to students who are interested in starting a landscape business or working with organizations that provide this type of service. By complementing their major with this minor, students will have tools that make them more marketable and versatile within the industry. This minor requires a minimum of 16 credit hours.

Climate Adaptation Science specialization

A new climate adaptation science specialization will be available within 11 masters and nine doctoral degrees, and is offered in nine departments and five colleges across campus. The climate adaptation science specialization requires nine credit hours and will substitute for current minors, specializations or elective requirements within each of the participating degree programs. This emphasis is expected to decrease the amount of time needed for PhD students to earn their degrees and increase job placement for graduates.

Writer: Aubree Thomas,
Contact: Brian Warnick,