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CAAS Student Competes at 70th Annual Society for Range Management Conference


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Katlyn Ulhart, an agricultural communication and journalism student at Utah State University, recently won a top honor and participated in several events at the 70th Annual Meeting for the Society of Range Management.

Ulhart won the extemporaneous speaking contest ­— a competition in which students are assigned a random topic and given two hours to prepare a five-minute presentation.

“The most challenging aspect was probably fighting off the nerves I got right before competing,” she said. “I'm a naturally competitive person, so I always want to do my best, especially when I'm representing the university.”

Ulhart, from Oneil Basin, Nevada, is not a newcomer to public speaking. As a high school senior in 2016, Ulhart was selected as the outstanding speaker in the Society for Range Management’s High School Youth Forum in Corpus Christi, TX. As last year’s winner of the youth event, Ulhart was invited to present her paper at this year’s meeting in St. George.

“She did an outstanding job,” said Fee Busby, USU professor of wildland resources. “And a few minutes later, Katlyn was announced as the winner of the extemporaneous speaking contest. Then later, the team of USU students won the Undergraduate Range Management Exam contest, which covers every topic that might be considered ‘range management’ “

“My experience at the conference was wonderful,” Ulhart said. “It was so great to meet with professionals, get involved with the student conclave and compete against other students.”

Ben Fordham -

March 6, 2017