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Work with Plants and Animals


Master The Science of Life

Working with plants and animals can mean everything from understanding plant and animal genetics to growing crops, running a greenhouse, raising healthy animals, discovering ways to treat diseases, or managing land for plants, animals and people. It’s the science of life, and we’ve been exploring and teaching it since the university began. We provide students with valuable hands-on experiences in the field, on the farm, and in the laboratory. Whether you want life at the speed of chemical reactions and cell division, a trotting horse or a growing plant, we have a program for you.

Plant and Animal Specialist Degrees

Plant Science

Animal and Dairy Science

Gain experience working directly with livestock and learn how to run a successful animal production business.



Prepare to make innovations in science and agriculture by working directly with animals and gaining laboratory experience.

Bioveterinary Science

Bioveterinary Science

Students prepare for research and medical careers and have daily opportunities to work directly with animal health professionals.

Equine Science and Management

Equine Science and Management

Transform your passion for horses into a successful equine industry career.

Plant Science

Land, Plant and Climate Systems

Explore the physical, chemical and biological processes occurring at the Earth’s surface.

Plant Science

Plant Science

Learn to manage and produce the plants that are critical to the success of the agricultural industry.

Animal Health and Disease

Animal Health and Disease (MS, PhD)

Focus on molecular biology, pathology, and disease detection using conventional and advanced molecular technologies, epidemiology, parasitology, pharmacology, and microbiology.

Animal Managemente

Animal Management (MS, PhD)

For students seeking careers in production animal agriculture, this specialization prepares students for the challenges facing the animal industry and commodity groups in the 21st century.

Animal Molecular Genetics

Animal Molecular Genetics (MS, PhD)

This specialization involves technologies in genome analyses, whole genome scanning, marker assisted selection, and the identification of economically important trait loci in food-producing animals.

Reproduction and Development

Reproduction and Development (MS, PhD)

Work with faculty exploring aspects of early embryo development, differentiation, gene regulation, embryonic stem cell characteristics and applications, reproductive immunology, and more.

Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition (MS, PhD)

Study innovations in new feed additives, grazing practices, approaches for sustainable agriculture, and more.

Plant Science

Toxicology (MS, PhD)

Focus your research on the important study of the effects of harmful chemicals with support from multiple departments.

Plant Science

Horticulture (MPSH)

Learn to design, construct and maintain water-efficient landscapes.

Plant Science

Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Recieve your pre-clinical training from internationally recognized faculty at USU's state-of-the-art teaching, animal, and research facilities.

Plant Science

Plant Science (MS, PhD)

Work closely with faculty to study the biology, genetics, and management of plants and other issues related to agricultural and horticultural production.

Plant Science

Equine Assistive Therapy (Minor)

Gain a strong professional education in the core principles of facilitating equine experiential learning, therapies, and recreation.

Plant Science

Agricultural Science (Associate Degree)

Learn to design and apply technologies to guide the ethical use of land, food, water, and economic resources thereby improving the health and well-being of humans, plants, animals and the environment.

Is Working with Animals in Your Future?

The Department of Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences is one of the top institutions for animal science research. Students receive unique opportunities working directly with livestock and valuable experience with industry professionals. Whether you are aiming to become a veterinarian, or maximize production with a healthy herd, we have the right degree for you.