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Old Main 1888


The Agricultural College of Utah is founded. Two years later, Vendla Berntson enrolls as the college's first student.

What Field


A "Course in Agriculture" began to be offered and included studies in botany, horticulture, geology, entomology, dairy practice, veterinary science, moral science and farm practice.
Old Book


Required reading for students in 1894 included Ulysses, A Christmas Carol and Paradise Lost.



The Department of Agronomy and the Department of Animal Industry were founded. 

Animal Science Building


The Animal Science Building was constructed along the Quad and still stands there to this day. 

Gustav Wilster


Gustav Wilster is hired to oversee the Aggie Creamery, headquartered in the basement of Old Main (shown on the left), and revitalize the course curricula in the dairy department. 

Aggie Ice Cream


By 1939, Aggie Ice Cream offered 13 flavors including the standard vanilla, chocolate and strawberry and the more unusual like cantaloupe and pineapple. 

Apple Machine


Various agricultural students helped grow and harvest apples that were then sold in the Apple Machine (shown on the left) in Old Main. 

Peterson Building


The E.G. Peterson Agricultural Sciences Building opens. 



The Department of Plant Science is added to the College of Agriculture. 



The college adds the Department of Biotechnology later combined with the Department of Animal Industry to become the current Department of Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences.

Plants, Soils & Climate


The Department of Plant Science and the Department of Soil Science and Biometeorology merge, now known as the Department of Plant, Soils and Climate.

Family Life Absorbed in CAAS


The College of Agriculture absorbed parts of the former College of Family Life including family and consumer science education program, and the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences.

Van Accident


The College of Agriculture suffers a serious loss when an instructor and eight students were killed in a car accident returning to campus after a field trip. A memorial (shown in adjacent picture) was built and placed outside the Agricultural Sciences Building in their honor. 

ASTE Added


The School of Applied Sciences, Technology and Education is added to the college.

APEC Added


The Department of Applied Economics is added to the college after the Department of Economics in the Huntsman School of Business splits.

LAEP Added


The Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning rejoins the College of Agriculture after the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences is split. 

House Bill 57 Signed


Governor Gary Herbert signs House Bill 57 establishing the School of Veterinary Medicine, the first and only veterinary school in the state of Utah. 

AGRS Opens


The new Agricultural Sciences building opens on February 29. This new building houses the Student Services Center, labs, classrooms and much of the college's administration.

Renamed to College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences


The college changes its name to the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences to better represent the academic diversity found within the college. This name change was announced during an American Festival Chorus and Orchestra performance, United by the Land.

SkyWest Airlines


The Aviation program housed in the School of Applied Sciences, Technology and Education signs a bridge agreement with SkyWest airlines giving professional pilot students the opportunity to become a first officer with the airline.