By Clay Isom | January 7, 2022

ADVS Employee of the Month

McKenna Perez

Nominated by Clay Isom
January 7, 2021

McKenna Perez

McKenna Perez is originally from southeast Idaho. She is a senior in the ADVS undergraduate program and has worked in the Isom lab for the last year. She has taken on a number of responsibilities, from very mundane lab maintenance to helping with animal studies to complex lab work. She has cheerfully accepted every assignment that she has been given, and has  excelled at it all. One thing that especially stands out is her ability to see things that need to be done and then take it upon herself to work to get things done. An example of this is when we were having issues getting animal tissue for our experiments this past summer. Kenna recognized the problem and took advantage of relationships with animal producers and processing plants in southeast Idaho to secure access to tissues that could get us going with research again until our other suppliers could provide samples for us again. Kenna ALWAYS has a smile on her face and is so willing to help out. We are really pleased and consider ourselves lucky to have Kenna as an employee.


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