By Brian Gowen | October 6, 2021

ADVS Employee of the Month

Kevin Bailey

Nominated by Brian Gowen
October 6, 2021

Kevin Bailey

Kevin Bailey has decades of research experience as a member of the Institute for Antiviral Research (IAR). His dedication and contributions supporting the institute’s many research programs working with high-consequence viral pathogens are greatly appreciated by those who rely on him to see their projects through. His co-authorship on 57 peer-reviewed publications, several of which have supported the development of antiviral drugs approved for human use, reflects his productivity and the quality of his work. Kevin often works long hours wearing a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR), full Tyvek suit, and multiple pairs of gloves in a laboratory setting where mistakes can be highly consequential. His careful, methodical approach, steady hands, and calm demeanor are well suited for the high containment laboratory. Kevin anchors a dwindling number of researchers in the IAR who are vaccinated against Argentine hemorrhagic fever (AHF). The vaccine is required to work on multiple federally funded projects to develop therapeutics and a second-generation vaccine to treat and prevent AHF and related viral diseases. Because of the IAR’s inability to get additional staff members vaccinated due to COVID-19 travel restrictions to Argentina, Kevin has carried a heavy workload in all studies with the AHF virus, including many evenings, weekends and holiday hours. He’s highly reliable and is willing to help when and where needed. The IAR and the ADVS department are grateful to have Kevin Bailey as a long-standing and highly-valued team member.


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