By Kara Thornton-Kurth | September 9, 2021

ADVS Employee of the Month

Lillian Okamoto

Nominated by Kara Thornton-Kurth
September 9, 2021

Lillian Okamoto

Lillian Okamoto has been working as an undergraduate researcher in the Thornton-Kurth lab for just under two years. Lillian began working in the Thornton-Kurth lab as a volunteer and everyone in the lab immediately realized what a talented, hard-working and positive person she is and she was moved from a volunteer position to a paid position. Lillian quickly became known as the “best pipettor” in the lab and currently performs nearly all of the qRT-PCR in the lab because of her exceptional pipetting skills. In addition to being an excellent pipettor, Lilli is also great at working as part of a team and has gotten involved in several different research projects. She is willing to help with anything from qRT-PCR to helping weigh and sample cattle in live animal trials. Lilli always goes above and beyond in completing each task that is asked of her. Because of her hard work in our lab, she is a co-author on peer reviewed publication in a scientific journal and is also a co-author on another two that are in in the final stages of preparation before submission. During the summer of 2020 she was able to present some of her research findings at the national meeting of the American Society for Animal Science virtually. In 2021, she attended the same meeting and was able to present in person in Louisville, Kentucky. Lillian is an exemplary undergraduate researcher and both the Thornton-Kurth lab and ADVS department are proud to be able to work with her.


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