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Virology & Antiviral Research

The ADVS department has a group of virologists who focus their research on human viral disease. This includes elucidating mechanisms of replication and pathogenesis of viruses of human concern and modeling disease in in vitro and in vivo model systems. Dr. Young-Min Lee and his laboratory utilize innovative molecular and biochemical techniques to answer key questions of viral replication and areas for antiviral intervention. Within the department is the Institute for Antiviral Research (IAR), which consists of a group of six research track professors (Drs. Morrey, Gowen, Julander, Tarbet, Day and Hurst) and around 50 support staff. The main focus of the IAR is to utilize various model systems to identify antivirals and vaccines to treat or prevent viral infection and disease. Collaboration with the Animal Molecular Genetics group has resulted in novel model systems for viral disease using genetically modified rodent species. The veterinary diagnostics group, including Dr. Arnaud Van Wettere, provides expertise in characterizing disease and identifying viral pathogenesis in tissue samples.

Associated Faculty