Bruce Bugbee

CAAS Advancement Board

Bruce Bugbee


Bruce Bugbee is a Professor at Utah State University where he teaches plant nutrition, plant physiology, and environmental instrumentation. He is well known for his work with NASA to determine potential crop yield and is currently funded by NASA to study food production for a colony on Mars. He holds the Governors Medal for Science from the State of Utah and is a Fellow in both the Agronomy and Horticultural Societies.

He once summarized everything he knows in a TED talk titled, “Turning Water into Food.”& He founded Apogee Instruments in his garage in 1996; Apogee now employs 40 people in Logan UT.

Why give to the college of agriculture?

Agriculture uniquely draws students from farms and rural areas, where many young people become first generation students. Agriculture is in their hearts; and agricultural donors give with their hearts. Together we make CAAS a world class. State funding allows us to do the educational minimum. Donors allow us to make education memorable.