Student Opportunities

Applied Sciences, Technology & Education

As part of the ASTE community, the Department provides several student opportunities to engage in and enhance the student learning experience.

High Impact Experience

High impact experiences (HIE) provide structured experiences which deepen learning and foster student engagement through actively solving problems, working collaboratively in a community of peers, applying knowledge to real-world situations, and stressing meaningful reflection. HIEs commonly consist of internships, collaborative learning communities, research, multicultural/diversity learning, service-learning, and intensive writing.

  • Courses with Community Engaged Learning Components
  • Internships
  • Study Abroad/Study Away Undergraduate Research


Internships are noted as a high impact experience, and we encourage our students to seek out available opportunities relevant to their program of study.

Student Organizations

We support our students and encourage them to be actively involved in our student organizations. These student organizations provide students with enhanced leadership skills, opportunities to build professional skills, and enable connections with other students.


The ASTE Department is home to over 40 scholarships. Scholarship applications open and become available on the College Scholarship page every fall semester.

Study Abroad

The ASTE department provides opportunities for students to step outside the classroom and into another country, explore new cultures, and gain real world experiences. These experiences are reviewed and approved by the Utah State University Office of Global Engagement.

Italy - Student Teaching for Agricultural Education and STEM

This international student teaching program is designed for student teachers in the disciplines of agriculture, science, and/or technology to complete a part of their student teaching in Italy. The State High School Network “Paleocapa” (“SHSNP”) in Bergamo and Milan, Italy (Lombardy region in Northern Italy) serves as the site for the program. SHSNP is a network of schools with a language program that encourages students to be fully immersed in the English language while in high school. Thus, student teachers would teach content area subject matter in the English language as a way to help Italian students learn content and English at the same time. If selected, student teachers would spend 4 weeks at the school under the direction of one or more mentor teachers.

Study Away

Faculty-led domestic “study away” trips expose students to the rich multicultural history of the United States and allow them to conduct field research and participate in personal reflection during the experience.

Puerto Rico

This course is a faculty-led field-based experience on the U.S. territorial island of Puerto Rico focused on exploring and reflecting upon the complex challenges within agriculture, food, and natural resources. A focus on understanding the global food market, Caribbean agricultural practices, and comparing food and agricultural practices both locally and in the Caribbean are central foci of this interdisciplinary course. Students participate in agricultural tours of production and harvesting of various crops on the island territory and are guided through El Yunque National Rainforest learning about the interface between historic irrigation projects, the agriculture industry, and endemic plant and animal species. Students also visit high school agriculture programs, visit with USDA researchers, and tour Puerto Rico's Land Grant University. Students meet with natural resources and agriculture experts throughout the program. Students experience engaging individual and group learning activities, including a significant service-learning component in collaboration with Puerto Rico’s land grant university, University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez. This “study away” program is a joint educational partnership between USU and California State University Chico where students from both institutions are able to connect, collaborate, share, and network while engaging in meaningful learning experiences related to food, agriculture, and natural resources.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Faculty in the ASTE provide opportunities where you can identify research projects, be mentored by an expert faculty researcher, and present research that you are interested in.


ASTE offers competitive assistantship positions to qualified individuals based on funding and availability. Specific assignments are made based upon the needs of the Department and the experience of those applying.