Award Recipients

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

CAAS takes great pride in the standard of excellence it has established for over 100 years.  Each year the college recognizes several members who have gone above and beyond the norm to continue to make the college a place of increased quality and merit.

2023-2024 Award Recipients

Staff Awards

Outstanding Service to Students - Caisa Shoop, ASTE , ADVS, and PSC
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Outstanding Service to Faculty - TD Olsen, TDTE
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North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Teaching Award of Merit

Benjamin George - Department of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning

Casey Coombs - Department of Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences

Cathleen Kovarik - Department of Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Science

Chad Page - Department of Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Science

Jim Arnold - Department of Technology, Design & Technical Education

Julie Lamarra - Department of Technology, Design & Technical Education

Lance Stott - Department of Plants, Soils, & Climate

Matt Bunnell - Department of Aviation Technology

Rose Judd-Murray - Department of Applied Sciences, Technology & Education

Ryan Larsen - Department of Applied Economics

Shawn Barstow - Department of Aviation Technology

Stacy Bevan - Department of Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences

Tanner McCarty - Department of Applied Economics

Faculty Awards

Distinguished Professor of the Year - Dillon Feuz, APEC
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Faculty Researcher of the Year - Brent Chamberlain, LAEP
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Graduate Research Mentor of the Year - Man-Keun Kim, APEC
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Teacher of the Year - Stacy Bevan, NDFS
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Undergraduate Faculty Mentor of the Year - Karl Hoopes, ADVS
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Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year - Mirella Meyer-Ficca, ADVS
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Early Career Faculty Researcher of the Year - Prateek Sharma, NDFS
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Early Career Teacher of the Year - Rose Judd-Murray, ASTE
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Faculty University Service Award - Kelly Kopp, PSC
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Student Awards

Graduate Student Teacher of the Year - Logan Haviland, APEC

Master's Student Researcher of the Year - Jesse Mathews, PSC

Doctoral Student Researcher of the Year - Mitchell Westmoreland, PSC

Scholar of the Year - Parker Rollins, AVTE

Undergraduate Researcher of the Year - Nathan Pace, NDFS

Valedictorian - Megan Terry, NDFS

Legacy of Utah State Award - Catherine Breitweiser, NDFS

A-Pin Recipients

Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences (ADVS)

  • Scottlyn Anderson
  • Bree Ashton
  • Ashlee Barton
  • Katelyn Bennett
  • *Jeremy Case
  • Madi Eberhard
  • Xander Hemmert
  • Noah Holt
  • Luke Jones
  • Ethan Loertscher
  • Ellie Maughan
  • Selma Richter
  • Carly Rode
  • Chance Simpson

Applied Economics (APEC)

  • Aubrianne Crosby
  • Paige Rawson
  • Kayla Ward

Applied Sciences, Technology, & Education (ASTE)

  • Jack Burr
  • Madison Cavender
  • Kenya Felsted
  • Sara Fujimoto
  • Callie Goble
  • Emersyn Johnson
  • Kaitlyn Lunt
  • **Kamille Osborne
  • Kadin Reese
  • Emery Rowles
  • Sara Winn

Aviation Technology (AVTE)

  • *+Devin Cox
  • Blake Mills
  • Jadyn Wallace

Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning (LAEP)

  • Caden Adair
  • Katelyn Anderson
  • Jaina Bellis
  • Julie Estes
  • *Boyd Fransen
  • *Antonia George
  • Devin Hansen
  • Sara Harris
  • *Hailey Hicken
  • Nathan Hicks
  • Cameron Hill
  • Mary Claire Jennings
  • Elizabeth Keddington
  • Harrison Merrill
  • Dallin Moon
  • Sierra Murray
  • Ian Swenson
  • Kate van der Zalm
  • Hirone Warner

Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences (NDFS)

  • Maeci Armstrong
  • Rachel Ashton
  • *Brooke Campbell
  • Rachel Caylor
  • Annie Heaton
  • +Carlie Jenkins
  • Brianna Kane
  • Taelie Kennedy
  • Austin Kindred
  • **Janessa Lemon
  • Maddie Lyons
  • Nicole Meyers
  • Callum Olmer
  • Tyson Payne
  • Nikelle Price
  • Clarissa Richins

Plants, Soils & Climate (PSC)

  • MJ Cantwell
  • *Kylie Hansen
  • Abby Israelsen
  • Abigail Lazier

Technology, Design & Technical Education (TDTE)

  • +Amanda Christensen
  • Kai Beckett
  • +Mattie Chiara
  • Kate Cooper
  • Riley Dewsnup
  • +Dillon Dash
  • Jack Drake
  • *Matthew Fitzgerald
  • Holden Garza
  • *Lucas Greer
  • Chandler Hansen
  • Lucy Herbert
  • *Lincoln Johnson
  • Rhett Jorgensen
  • Luke Lehnhof
  • Darien Miller
  • Zoey Olaveson
  • Riley Pugsley
  • Steven Roberts
  • Pierce Saturday
  • Mia Thompson
  • *Audrey Van Drimmelen
  • Nicholas Welch

*Two-time A-Pin recipient

**Three-time A-Pin recipient

+Regional Campus Student