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Contact Ning-Lin Yin: (435) 797-8218; or Aaron Thomas: (435) 757-5534;

The Genomics laboratory is a core facility of the Center for Integrated BioSystems at Utah State University. The genomics core is a shared resource that provides genomics services to investigators on campus and external users. The facility offers state-of-the-art resources and services, including Next Generation Sequencing using our Illumina MiSeq and Illumina NextSeq systems. In addition, a range of traditional DNA sequencing and fragment analysis options are available using our ABI PRISM™ 3730 DNA Analyzer. The Genomics Core also offers services including RNA and DNA analysis (Agilent TapeStation), quantification, and size selection (Sage Science Blue Pippin 50-50,000 bp). We strive to provide all of our customers with fast, accurate results.

Sample Submission

To submit a sample for testing, please fill out the form. Enter all information as completely as possible. If you do not see a message thanking you for your submission and giving you information about sample drop off, then your submission was not received. Be sure to continue all the way to the end. 

Sample Submission

Next Generation Sequencing

The Center for Integrated Biosytems offers next generation sequencing services on the Illumina NextSeq, and Illumina MiSeq. Applications include whole genome sequencing, RNA-Seq, methylation analysis, amplicon sequencing, genotyping by sequencing (GBS), microRNA sequencing, 16S ribosomal sequencing, ChIP-Seq, targeted sequencing, and more. We also offer size selection on the Blue Pippin automated size selection platform. For more information, please contact Aaron Thomas.

Next Generation Sequencing Sample Submission Form



Blue Pippin Size Selection

The Blue Pippin is capable of selecting 100-50,000 bp fragments. However, we do not routinely have the supplies for size selection above 600 bp. Please contact us if you need selection of fragments above 600 bp. Samples are $25.00 each. Subsequent analysis on the TapeStation is an additional $8.00 per sample.

Blue Pippin Sample Submission Form

Library Preparation

We offer standard library preparation for RNA-Seq, microRNA, and whole genome sequencing samples. For other sequencing types, we can assist you with designing your protocol and can work with you as needed to sequence your samples.

  • DNA library (e.g. whole genome) - $90.00
  • RNA-Seq - $125.00
  • microRNA - $130.00
  • Metagenomics amplicon (e.g. 16S) - $14.00
    (Contact Aaron Thomas for information about available metagenomics primer sets.)


While we strive to achieve the best results possible, the listed number of reads is the specification published by Illumina and individual runs may vary from these numbers.

The listed read length can be changed if necessary. Please contact us if you need something different.

Illumina MiSeq

MiSeq Reagent Internal USU Price  External Price Expected Read Number Typical Read Length
Kit v3 (150 cycle) $1,358.00 $1.985.00 25M 2 x 75
Kit v3 (600 cycle) $2,200.00 $3,215.00 25M 2 x 300
Kit v2 (50 cycle) $1,265.00 $1,850.00 15M 1 x 50
Kit v2 (300 cycle) $1,565.00 $2,285.00 15M 2 x 150
Kit v2 (500 cycle) $1,735.00 $2,535.00 15M 2 x 250
Micro Kit v2 (300 cycle) $775.00 $1,135.00 4M 2 x 150
Nano Kit v2 (300 cycle) $580.00 $850.00 1M 2 x 150
Nano Kit v2 (500 cycle) $650.00 $950.00 1M 2 x 250

Illumina NextSeq 2000

NextSeq Internal USU Price External Price Expected read number Typical read length
NextSeq 2000 P1 (100 cycles) $1,160.00 $1,695.00 100M 1 x 100, 2 x 50
NextSeq 2000 P1 (300 cycles) $1,525.00 $2,230.00 100M 1 x 300, 2 x 150
NextSeq 2000 P1 (600 cycles) $2,215.00 $3,235.00 100M 2 x 300
NextSeq 2000 P2 (100 cycles) $1,745.00 $2,550.00 400M 1 x 100, 2 x 50
NextSeq 2000 P2 (200 cycles) $3,100.00 $4,525.00 400M 1 x 200, 2 x 100
NextSeq 2000 P2 (300 cycles) $4,045.00 $5,910.00 400M 1 x 300, 2 x 150
NextSeq 2000 P2 300M (300 cycles) $4,390.00 $6,410.00 300M 2 x 300
NextSeq 2000 P3 (50 cycles) $2,645.00 $3,860.00 1.2B 1 x 50
NextSeq 2000 P3 (100 cycles) $3,730.00 $5,450.00 1.2B 1 x 100, 2 x 50
NextSeq 2000 P3 (200 cycles) $5,090.00 $7,435.00 1.2B 1 x 200, 2 x 100
NextSeq 2000 P3 (300 cycles) $6,720.00 $9,810.00 1.2B 1 x 300, 2 x 150


DNA Sequencing

The genomics group offers high quality and fast turnaround on DNA sequencing services using an ABI PRISM™ 3730 DNA Analyzer. The 3730 utilizes BigDye terminator chemistry. Standard primers (M13 / T7 / T3 / and SP6) are available. Turnaround times vary based on services. Sequencing data will be emailed to customers, or available on the facility server. For more information, please contact Ning-Lin Yin.

DNA Sequencing Sample Submission Form


RUSH: Samples received before 9 a.m. will be returned by 5 p.m. (extra charges apply)

  • Reading DNA/Primer conc. & adjusting dilutions ($8.50)
  • Performing sequencing PCR reactions ($6.50)
  • High volume discount pricing available

High Volume 96-well

dna analyzer


Fragment Analysis

The genomics group offers Fragment Analysis services with our ABI PRISM™ 3730 DNA Analyzer. The 3730 employs an array of 48 capillaries to electrophoretically separate fluorescently labeled DNA fragments. A number of different services are available for the automated analysis. For more information, please contact Ning-Lin Yin.

Fragment Analysis Sample Submission Form


  • Microsatellite variation analysis
  • AFLP analysis
  • RLP analysis
  • STR analysis
  • SNP analysis
dna analyzer newer version



The genomics group offers quantitative PCR as a two tier service using the DNA Engine Opticon 2. Equipment is available for faculty use. Please contact Ning-Lin Yin. 

RT-PCR Sample Submission Form

DNA Engine Opticon 2


RNA/DNA Quality Control/Quantification

The genomics group provides fast, reliable, and convenient services for RNA and DNA quality control and concentration quantification. For more information, please contact Aaron Thomas.

RNA/DNA Sample Submission Form


  • Agilent 2200 TapeStation
    Agilent 2200 TapeStation

    The Agilent 2200 TapeStation is an automated electrophoresis system for the sample quality control of DNA and RNA samples. The reagents we keep on hand are: High Sensitivity D1000 DNA ScreenTape, with a as low as 5 pg/µl. If you need other TapeStation analysis (different sizing, high sensitivity RNA, et.) contact to discuss availability.
    Cost: $8.00 per group
  • Agilent 5200 Fragment Analyzer
    Agilent 5200 Fragment Analyzer
    The Agilent 5200 Fragment Analyzer is a capillary electrophoresis instrument for DNA analysis. The standard analysis reagents we keep on hand have a sensitivity down to 0.5 ng/µl. and sizing from 25-1500 bp.
    Cost: $20.00 per group of 12 samples
    The instrument is capable of much more with other reagents. If you need other analysis, contact to discuss your needs.