By Lynnette Harris | March 22, 2023

New Agreement Links USU and Fort Valley State University

By Lynnette Harris | March 22, 2023

Fort Valley State Visit
Fort Valley State leaders visit Utah State campus.

In the spring of 2022, leaders representing Fort Valley State University visited Utah State’s Logan campus to explore opportunities for cooperation and collaboration between the two land-grant universities. Fort Valley State is a historically black college and university in Fort Valley, Georgia, and President Paul Jones and his wife, Sylvia Jones, are USU alumni.

President Jones and USU President Noelle Cockett, signed a formal agreement in October to promote faculty and student exchanges, collaborative training for students, research, and public education programs in both states. Research, courses, and facilities in USU’s College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences (CAAS) and the new College of Veterinary Medicine were of particular interest to FVSU representatives since the schools have several programs that complement one another. Ahead of the agreement, two FVSU students participated in a USDA-funded summer research internship program at USU, hosted by CAAS.

“Our universities share many of the same research interests and educational goals, as well as our experience as land-grant institutions for our respective states,” President Cockett said. “We anticipate this being a very fruitful and rewarding relationship, with both institutions reaping benefits. Most importantly, people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences will become true and lasting friends.”


Lynnette Harris