Career and Technical Education Master of Education

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Career and Technical Education Master of Education

Program Overview

This 100% online, non-thesis degree program provides students with the flexibility to pursue a master's degree in career and technical education for careers in formal (secondary and post-secondary) and nonformal (outreach/extension) settings. Students may begin the CTE-MEd program in any semester (fall, spring or summer), and take 1-3 courses (3-9 credits hours) each semester. Most students design a schedule to finish in five semesters, taking 2 classes for four semesters and 3 classes for one semester (usually in the summer) to complete 11 courses or 33 credits. Taking courses on this schedule results in total tuition fees at approximately $12,000 for Utah residents and approximately $15,500 for students living outside of Utah. To get a cost estimate for your graduate degree go to the USU Tuition Tables. Here are some more reasons why you'd like to earn this degree at USU!

Secondary educators (practicing teachers) can expect to increase your effectiveness in the classroom, increase your earnings, and gain the credentials to explore new career opportunities in CTE leadership or in industry management. This degree program does not lead to licensure. If you are seeking licensure from USU, meet with an advisor to determine the coursework required to earn a second bachelor's degree and licensure. Nonformal educators, working with youth and adults in outreach and industry settings, can expect to increase skills in digital engagement, improve research skills, and the ability to develop relevant programming.

Application Deadlines

The USU Academic Calendar lists the exact dates for the beginning and end of each semester. In this degree program we are able to accept 9 applicable semester transfer credits. You will need to have completed a related bachelors degree. There is no entrance exam required, however to be eligible for this program you need to be a practicing career and technical educator or have experiences working in nonformal educational settings. We are not accepting international applications at this time. If you have questions about this degree program please contact Dr. Michael Pate. The application due dates are as follows:

  • Fall semester start, August 1
  • Spring semester start, December 1
  • Summer semester start, April 1

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