Accelerated Bachelor Of Landscape Architecture & Ms In Environmental Planning (Bla+msep)

Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning

Beginning in fall 2021, the LAEP Department will be offering an accelerated Bachelor of Landscape Architecture + Master of Science in Environmental Planning (BLA+MsEP) that builds on LAEP's accredited undergraduate degree in landscape architecture to provide an accelerated graduate degree option focused on the practice of environmental planning. The combination of the two programs is an excellent opportunity for students interested in the intersection of landscape architecture and environmental planning to broaden their scope of knowledge and earn an additional degree in a shorter time period.

The accelerated BLA+MsEP allows advanced LAEP undergraduates the opportunity to pursue a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program within an accelerated time frame of 5 academic years. This provides graduates a further competitive advantage in the professional marketplace, fosters integration and interaction between undergraduate and graduate programs, while maintaining the expectations and disciplinary exposure of each individual degree program.

In addition to fast-tracking toward a graduate degree, the BLA+EP program allows students to only pay graduate tuition rates for one year, instead of two. During students’ senior year, they take up to nine graduate credits as an undergraduate, and contribute to the senior capstone class.

This is a STEM designated degree program.

MLA Fast Facts

Graduate Credits Required: 39

Years to Complete: 1 beyond BLA

Student Cost:

Salary Range: $50,000-80,000

Cohort Size: 3-5

Contact our Advisor

Carlos V. Licon

Carlos V. Licon

Associate Professor | Graduate Program Director

(435) 797-3978
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Program Mission Statement

The mission of the accelerated BLA+MsEP program is to prepare future professionals to recognize the reciprocal relationship between the biophysical attributes of a region and the human dimensions of settlement and culture; build expertise in landscape level analysis and planning; and prepare to serve as leaders within a transdisciplinary environment to develop better alternatives for land-use decisions and policy.

How to Apply

Students must apply through Utah State University's application portal.

In an effort to save students time, those interested in the B+MLA program should apply during their junior year of study. To avoid potential financial aid issues, however, the official application will be deferred until the student's senior year, and students will not receive notice regarding admission by the Graduate School until their senior year of study. The student's application will be reviewed by the LAEP Department and students will be notified via email by the LAEP Department regarding admission into the B+MLA program during their junior year. 

In completing the application, please be aware of the following:

  1. There is a $55 non-refundable application fee.
  2. Transcripts do not need to be submitted, as students are already attending Utah State, and their transcripts will be collected automatically.  
  3. Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA to apply for the B+MLA program.

Preference is given to applications completed by March 15 of the student's junior year. Complete applications will have a student's letter of intent, official transcripts and contact information for three references submitted via Utah State University's application portal. Please do not finalize your application by submitting an official resume to, rather submit your resume separately to Natalie Humpherys by March 15.