Advanced Design, Geospatial, and Visualization Technologies Certificate

Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning

LAEP’s Advanced Design, Geospatial, and Visualization Technologies Certificate best prepares students for technology changes in the marketplace. Up to 95% of landscape architecture and environmental planning firms are adopting new technologies, such as drones, virtual reality and parametric modeling. By earning this certificate, students will learn through substantial practice and real-world implementation how to use drones, virtual reality, advanced 3D and parametric modeling, and geospatial data analysis to enhance landscape designs and planning.


Students must be admitted into a bachelor’s or master’s degree program within the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning.

Required Courses (13 credits total)

  • LAEP 2400 - 3D Representation (3)
  • LAEP 2900 - VR Design and Thematics Studio (3)
  • LAEP 3300/6300 - GIS for Environmental Planning (4)
  • LAEP 3400/6400 - Advanced Geospatial Analysis and Visualization for Environmental Planning (3)

Other Resources

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