Bachelor of Science in Environmental Planning

Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning

The Environmental Planning undergraduate degree prepares future professionals to recognize the reciprocal relationship between the biophysical attributes of a region and the human dimensions of settlement and culture; build expertise in large-scale landscape level analysis and planning; and serve as leaders within a transdisciplinary environment to develop better alternatives for land-use decisions and policy. Through community-engaged learning in environmental planning, economic development, natural resources, and environmental policy coursework, the program develops highly skilled environmental planners for multiple levels of professional practice while actively engaging and benefitting communities with landscape-scale planning projects.

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Deandra Harps

Deandra Harps

Careers Coordinator and Undergraduate Academic Advisor

FAV 230 and AGRS 417

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A major for students who...

  • Are interested in sustainability and conservation of natural resources
  • Want to work toward positive change in environmental policies
  • Are both creative and analytical thinkers
  • Would like to prevent land, water, and air pollution

Kind of jobs graduates get...

  • Environmental Planner
  • Regional Planner
  • Community/County/City Planner
  • Environmental Management, Services, and Compliance