Current Student Information

Students who are currently enrolled in the USU DPD dietetic program are required to take several rigorous courses, complete hours of dietetics related experiences, and are held to high academic standards. This page is dedicated to useful links and other resources to help students.

DPD Student Handbook

The DPD Student handbook is your guide to the requirements of the program. These standards apply to currently enrolled students in the DPD. The handbook provides information on the following:

  • Dietetics profession overview
  • Utah State University dietetics programs
  • Estimated costs for the DPD
  • Supervised practice and NDTR
  • DPD policies and procedures
  • University policies and procedures
  • USU student campus services

Student Handbook

Course Information Links:

4 year plan

Syllabus Information

 Useful Links:

Nutrition Care Manual

Electronic Nutrition Care Process Terminology

Nutrient Drug Interactions

DRI Calculator





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Tips to Succeed!

  1. Read and keep the textbooks! They will help you in classes and in your career. 
  2. Make friends and stay connected with the students in your classes.
  3. The program courses are designed to be harder than general courses. This is so that you learn and grow. Pushing yourself may seem hard at first but learning these skills will help you become a better dietitian.
  4. Be honest but kind in your teacher evaluations. 
  5. Take time for yourself and reach out if you need help.