Michelle Clouse

Applied Sciences, Technology and Education

Assistant Professor

Michelle Clouse

Contact Information

Email: michelle.clouse@usu.edu


Michelle Clouse is an Assistant Professor in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. She has been privileged to teach textiles and apparel to secondary and college students for 11 years.

Teaching Interests

Textiles Sciences, Pre-service Teacher Training, Clothing Construction

Research Interests

Textiles and Apparel Curriculum

Graduate Student Mentoring Philosophy

As a mentor to graduate students, I strive to create an environment where students can flourish in their scholarly and creative pursuits. To follow the example of positive mentors in my life, this environment is created through mutual collaboration and student autonomy.

Mutual collaboration is an essential tenet of my mentoring philosophy because students should see me as a partner in their research process. I am here to guide and support their research to be done in a timely, ethical, and rigorous way to develop their critical thinking, scholarly writing, and career preparation skills.

Autonomy is another tenet of my mentoring philosophy because students need to be enthusiastic about what they are researching. By allowing students to take ownership of their projects and make decisions about their research direction, they will learn more about their topic because they will be driven to learn for the sake of gaining knowledge. They will also be able to continue to refine their skills of taking initiative, navigating the research process, setting goals, and refining their scholarly abilities.

By fostering this environment, I aim to instill confidence and empowerment in my students and equip them with the skills to become independent and resilient scholars.


FCSE 4400 - FCSE Methods II, Fall 2023
FCSE 3030 - Textile Science, Fall 2023
FCSE 3030 - Textile Science, Fall 2023
FCSE 3030 - Textile Science, Fall 2023