Ying Liu

Animal, Dairy, & Veterinary Sciences (ADVS)

Research Assistant Professor

Ying Liu

Contact Information

Office Location: AGRS 246
Email: ying.liu@usu.edu

Educational Background

PhD, Animal Reproductive Biology, Aarhus University, 2011
Porcine Nuclear Transfer: Donor Cell Reprogramming by Xenopus Egg Extract
MS, Animal Reproduction, China Agriculture University, 2007
Developmental competence of Yak-Bovine interspecies cloned embryos


PhD in Animal Reproductive Biology, Aarhus University (Denmark), 2011. Postdoc training, Reproductive Toxicology, Aarhus University (Denmark).

Research Interests

The area of her research interest includes: Animal reproductive science, embryology, reproductive biology techniques in research, somatic cell nuclear transfer; Cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos; In-vitro induce reprogramming of somatic cells; Epigenetic modification in embryos; Animal models for human diseases (pigs, sheep and goats), and animal models for reprotoxic research (mice)