Culinary Teaching Labs


Family Life Building 208/210


Stacy Bevan

Dr. Karin Allen

FL kitchen
FL kitchen 2

The Culinary Teaching Labs and dining room are located in the historic Family Life Building (FL 208/210) on USU’s main campus. The two culinary labs (approximately 1000 ft each) are outfitted with both commercial and home equipment, including thirteen electric- and four gas-range ovens, seven 5qt Viking mixers, sixteen 5 qt Kitchen Aid mixers, eight Blend-tec blenders, a temperature-controlled proof box, and a two-tier deck oven capable of holding 30 loaves of bread. For class instruction it also contains six 30” x 60” tables, 40 stackable chairs on wheels, a 5 ft stainless steel work table, demonstration camera, computer, projector, and IVC programing. The two culinary labs are joined together by a small space with a walk-in pantry, double two door side-by-side stainless steel fridge, single door reach-in fridge, full-sized under counter Manitowoc ice-maker with filtration system, and a stainless steel three compartment sink. The culinary lab in room FL 210 is also used as an incubator kitchen and is a certified food processing facility by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. FL 210 is used by USU Extension Food Quality Entrepreneurship Program to provide food entrepreneurs (especially those who do not qualify for the Cottage Food Program or who wish to sell their products online) with free access to production space during their start-up phase.

The labs are used primarily for students enrolled in courses within the department of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences, and for approved Extension activities. However they are also available for use by departmental students and other on-campus groups with permission.