Fueling Station


Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences Dept.


Natalie Norris

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fueling station

The USU Fueling Station is a facility that provides healthy and nutritious snacks to all of Utah State’s sanctioned student athletes. It is run by volunteers, most of whom come from the Dietetics program at USU. Typically, first and second year students work with the staff to get practical experience in food management and sports nutrition. We focus on providing pre and post workout fuel in order to help athletes perform to the best of their ability in their sport and in the classroom. Athletes are encouraged to take a protein and a carbohydrate when they come in to help fuel them before practice and then start recovery immediately after practice. We offer a wide variety of options from Greek yogurt to fresh fruit and vegetables to chicken to homemade trail mixes. It’s also a great place for athletes to get to know athletes from other sports and help with the comradery of all the athletes.