Maintenance Labs


Bullen Hall, Logan, UT 84321




USU is furnished with some of the best maintenance facilities in the nation. Drawing from the combined experience of our professors and staff we have developed a lab environment with state of the art training equipment that is identical to the real world. Students are able to get hands-on training in small class sizes in order to truly get a deep understanding of maintenance practices.

Jet Engine Test Cell

The Jet Engine Test cell, located at the heart of USU's campus, allows students and faculty the opportunity to test run both reciprocating engines and turbine engines in a safe environment. The engine run area is a multi-layer, fully enclosed steel structure, separated from the control room by four explosion-proof windows. The test cell is also engineered with noise attenuation which allows us to run the engines any time of day without disturbing nearby classes.

Our powerplants lab is unique to our program at Utah State University. Students are able to test their engine overhaul work, and having a Jet Engine test cell provides us the safe and convenient facility to run engines and gather data.

test cell
test cell