Research Kitchen


Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences Dept.


Alyssa Reidhead

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The Research Kitchen is located in the C. Anthom Ernstrom Nutrition and Food Sciences building located on the USU main campus, and it is supervised by a faculty member of the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences.  This space contains all the equipment required for the preparation and service of all meals for 50 individuals per day.  The Research Kitchen includes a 500 sq. ft. preparation area, 200 sq. ft. dishroom, 250 sq. ft. walk-in cooler, 250 sq. ft. walk-in freezer, 400 sq. ft. dry storage, 100 sq. ft. office, 550 sq. ft. dining area and changing facilities for staff.  The kitchen equipment includes a 31 cu. ft. reach-in refrigerator, microwaves, blenders, electronic balances, cryovac, tray lidder, meat slicer, food processors, an induction cook-top, two combi-ovens under a 6-foot hoods, blast chiller/freezer, baking area with a twenty-quart mixer, dishwasher, dish dryer and an ice machine.  Staff includes Registered Dietitians and students in the department's dietetics and nutrition science programs.