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Taste Room

The sensory evaluation facilities at Utah State University provides service to the academic and private sector on sensory related tests.  We perform a wide range of sensory testing including descriptive and consumer panels. Our main focus is in dairy and meat products but we also perform tests based on the needs of the scientific and private community.  Tests are tailored to particular research requirements and are approved by the USU Institutional Review Board. 

Sensory data is performed in our 150 ft2 sensory testing area equipped with individual booths and personal computer for data acquisition and analysis (SIMS2000). The sensory facilities meet all the specifications required to perform accurate and reliable sensory analysis tests (color, booth dimensions, ventilation, temperature, etc.). The testing area is connected to a 420 ft2 kitchen for sample preparation and handling. The kitchen is equipped with stoves, microwave, refrigerator, and general kitchen supplies. Our personnel are responsible for organizing, conducting the test, and analyzing the results using appropriate statistical analysis.  Full reports are presented to the researcher or customer no later than a week after the test has been completed.  Reports include procedures, demographic information about the panelists, if applicable, and a full description of the results obtained.