The Institute for Antiviral Research (IAR) is located at Utah State University (USU) in Logan, Utah. The IAR has laboratories on the main campus located in three buildings within close proximity of one another, the Veterinary Sciences Building (VSB), the Laboratory animal Research Center (LARC), and the Biotechnology Building (Biotech Center), as well as laboratories at the new USTAR BioInnovations building at the Innovation Campus.

The IAR has four BSL-2 research laboratories in VSB, one BSL-2 research laboratory in the Biotech center, one central cell culture laboratory in VSB, and one BSL-3+ laboratory in VSB in which SARS-CoV and hantavirus studies are done. In the LARC, the IAR occupies one select-agent approved ABSL-3+ suite consisting of one animal room, one ABSL-2 suite of consisting of four animal rooms and one research laboratory, and one ABSL-3 suite consisting of three animal rooms and one research laboratory. In addition, the IAR shares a surgery suite in the LARC, which is used to do electrophysiology and stereotaxic neurological surgery.

The IAR also has ABSL-2, ABSL-3, and ABLS-3+ laboratories in the new BioInnovations building. The ABSL-3 space consists of 7,790 sq ft. of laboratory space, of which 4,668 sq. ft. is ABSL-3+ laboratory space. In addition, the IAR is also supported by the new vivarium housed in the same building with approximately 20,000 sq. ft. of additional animal holding space.

All animal facilities have AAALAC accreditation (April 2013, reference file #000649) and USU has received a PHS Welfare Assurance Number (A3801-01, exp. 2/28/2018). In addition, the LARC BSL-3+ select agent facility is commissioned by World BioHazTec Corporation and has been inspected and approved by the USDA and CDC, and registered with the select agent program (A20110727-1248).

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