The Science and Technology of Medical Cannabis Cultivation

Instructed by   Bruce Bugbee,    Mitchell Westmoreland,    Royal Heins,    Brian Corr

This unique university-level course is open to the general public and provides an in depth understanding of how to optimize cannabinoid yield in Cannabis. We are continuously reviewing the emerging scientific literature to determine best practices for:
     - Nutrition, fertilizers, and media
     - HID and LED lighting
     - Temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide enrichment
     - Flowering and photoperiod
     - Propagation
     - Harvesting and curing
     - Pest and disease management

Registration ends October 31, 2021

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Course Details

  • You do not need to be a USU Student to register.
  • Each section is composed of 2 to 18 presentations, 20 to 80 minutes long.
  • Self-paced. Students may view the presentations at any time. 
  • Enrolled participants may submit questions to
  • Participants will earn a Cannabis Cultivation certificate on completion of a final on-line exam. 
  • Participants may also apply for USU Continuing Educational Units, which will record your participation on a university transcript, for a $135 recording fee.  Registration for CE Units is available at Cannabis Continuing Education Units.
  • This course provides critical funding for our students.  In order to continue this support, the sharing of paid subscriptions is prohibited.  If an account is being shared without authorization, the account will be disabled and no refund will be given. 
  • For group access, please inquire about our multi-license discounts at
  • Presentations will be available until February 28, 2022.

This course assumes at least a high school understanding of chemistry and biology.

7 Major Sections

Part 1 Optimizing the root-zone - 15 presentations Scheduled for Release July 2021 $395
Part 2 Optimizing the shoot-zone - 8 presentations Scheduled for Release Sept. 2021 $245
Part 3 Optimizing lighting - 6 presentations Scheduled for Release Sept. 2021 $245
Part 4 Field, greenhouse and indoor cultivation -2 pres. Scheduled for Release Sept. 2021 $95
Part 5 Botany - 3 presentations Scheduled for Release Sept. 2021 $95
Part 6 Propagation - 5 presentations Scheduled for Release Sept. 2021 $145
Part 7 Harvesting, drying and curing - 4 presentations Scheduled for Release October 2021 $245
Prepay for All Sections   $995

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