The Science and Technology of Medical Cannabis Cultivation

Instructed by Bruce Bugbee, Mitchell Westmoreland, Royal Heins, Brian Corr

This course provides an in depth understanding of how to optimize the growth of crops in the genus Cannabis. The instructors have over 100 years of combined experience in teaching and research with high-value crops: indoors, in greenhouses, and in the field. They have over 5 years combined experience researching and consulting with Cannabis crops. If you have questions about the course, contact

This course assumes at least a high school understanding of chemistry and biology.

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Sections and Pricing

Part 1 Optimizing the root-zone $295
Part 2 Optimizing the shoot-zone $295
Part 3 Electric lighting for yield $295
Part 4 Field, greenhouse and indoor cultivation $95
Part 5 Botany $95
Part 6 Propagation $145
Part 7 Harvesting, drying and curing $245
All Sections $995

Additional Course Details

  • Part one of this course will describe the underlying principles of root zone optimization. This includes principles of media selection of components for soilless media, principles of plant nutrition, and principles of root zone water potential.
  • We will apply the scientific principles that have been refined for other high-value short-day crops and discuss the best practices for cultivation of Cannabis. The course will discuss both the root and shoot environment. We are actively conducting research on the flowering and yield responses of Cannabis and we will describe our latest findings.
  • Each learning unit will be 10 to 30 minutes. Critical components will be followed by an interactive Zoom discussion among the instructors in which we describe our combined experience applying the principles in practice.
  • Enrolled participants will be able to submit questions and we will answer them during these Zoom discussions.
  • On completion of a final on-line exam at the end of the course, participants will earn a Cannabis cultivation certificate.
  • After taking the course, the student will be able to: optimize growth and yield of Cannabis in controlled environments.